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 Stoned Assassin Application

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PostSubject: Stoned Assassin Application   Thu May 21, 2009 1:33 am

This linkshell is based in Final Fantasy XI. We are a social linkshell for leveling Jobs, Quests, Missions, Assault, Campaign, Salvage and Limbus. If you are interested and feel you can be a Stoner...... I mean a StonedAssassin; Please post your topic here along with your completed character form. Just copy and paste the below form and edit as needed to fit your character. Please be advised that your application is already approved from the moment you post in this thread. All jobs and levels are welcome. The reason we have you complete the character form is to assist us in helping you if you need it. A pearl with be presented to you by one of our sack holders. If you are impatient, you may seek out the following people for a pearl.

Weedy, Ragetyz, Deshiken, Phantomdraft, Razallmighty, Ectasy, Strayed, Weedpoto, Dookie


Character Name:

List all jobs that are 70+ :

Do you have more then one Character?
(If so, character name/s):

Main job and level:
- Other character's main job:

Secondary jobs and levels:

What is your nation and rank:
- What mission are you on:

Do you have Rise of the Zilart expansion:
- What mission are you on:

Do you have Chains of Promathia expanison:
- What mission are you on:

Do you have Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion:
- What mission are you on:

Do you have A Crystalline Prophecy mini expanision:
- What mission are you on:

Do you have Salvage access:

Do you have Limbus access:

(This is only an example. please cut and paste form in new post and edit to match your current stats)
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Stoned Assassin Application
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